Thursday, December 24, 2009

Poem: "She Called Out"

This is one I wrote a few years ago. About a princess who is calling out to be rescued from her tower. Not by her prince, but by the sweet release of death.

She called out (Journey Prelude)

Tip toe don't make a sound
I want to scream out, but alas I am bound
By this metal that chains me to these blood soaked walls
I'm hidden in the shadows. My silent calls
Are all I have left
Ever since you left
I'm dying slowly, waiting to be saved
As my tears hit the floor, your path was paved
When it dragged me to my prison
And left me to die
But still I'm alive
And only god knows why
With his heavenly eye
He kept me alive
He knew you would come to relieve me of this hell
Cut through these chains and undo the spell
Day turns to night and still I wait
With each new sunrise, I question fate
I solemnly do swear
The years of despair
Were too much to bear
Oh hero, my champion, where for art thou?
You swore you'd be here by the sweat of your brow
That you'd conquer the beast
And grant my release
What's this? Could it be?
Has death finally
Decided to come for me?
Now what?

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