Thursday, December 24, 2009

Poem: "Dreaming"

I tend to have very lucid dreams. I always write them down in detail . I use dreams as a way to escape into this amazing world where literally anything can happen...last year I had a dream of a boy I did not recognize. But I was so in love. I woke up not understanding why I had such a care for someone I didn't know. I wrote it down and this is what came up.

In Dreaming, She Wakes

So lucid is this dream she dreams.
A man is formed before her eyes
Starting with a torso
A strong torso in a black t-shirt.
From there, limbs grow
Outstretching are his tall legs and cozy arms
Feet, as large as canoes
Only leave bigger foot steps to follow in
Hands built to grab the bull by the horns
and hold the key to her heart
Fingers so soft to the tips
destined to make music for the gods
A long neck and a good head on his shoulders
On his head is a blank
Turns to a blur, turns to eyes
Soulful eyes, deep eyes, so deep.
Now stare into her
Breaking down every wall
She has built up until now
Those eyes alone are enough to kill her
And rebirth her and kill her again
A nose to smell her scent
And keep it in memory forever
Ears to listen to her chest beat
and for hearing her call his name
Lips finally
Those beautiful, amazing lips
That she has been wanting to kiss
Since she fell asleep that night

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