Sunday, May 30, 2010

Publics Private Mini-stories (Issue 2)

After spending the day in San Fransisco, I was sitting on the plane home to New York and saw a woman sitting in the opposite isle from me... She looked nervous/excited. I myself had just finished a 3rd cup of coffee and started getting jitters so I started writing on my itouch a little story about the woman....

"I'm Gonna Ride This Plane...."

It began on the 11:30 am flight to New York City. She was anxious and the 3 servings of complimentary coffee on the plane did all but help to calm her nerves. She had never been to New York before. Born and raised in San Francisco her entire life, it had never occur to her to venture outside the realms of the place she called home. As far as she was concerned, everthing that could possibly make and keep her happy resided right here.

As it was, she was single and lived alone with a dog she had named Robert. She found a small humor in the irony of giving pets human names. Before Robert, there was Roxanne the goldish. Roxanne didn't last very long, as she met her end by way of a poorly balanced shell lamp placed on a shelf just above her fish tank. When people would ask, however, she simply expained that the fish no longer "went well" with her apartment, in an attempt to avoid being seen as a fish killer...

She started on her fourth cup of coffee, thinking to herself that, in a matter of hours, she would finally meet the boy without whom the trip might never have taken place. She carried a photo of him clenched in her hand the entire flight. His Chrystal blue eyes that seemed to capture the calm yet earie beauty that could only live within the purest of oceans. He had scraggly blond hair that seemed to fight with itself about which direction it wanted to fall.

How could she be so in love with someone she knew so little about? This question was never raised in her mind because she knew it didn't matter. All that mattered was that she was going to see him, her darling Michael. The boy she'd been waiting to hold, who was now ready and waiting to be held by her.

This was her dream, and she knew they would live happily ever after, as soon as she signed the adoption papers all those months ago.