Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cross Town Bus Through Apocalypse (Freewrite)

So I was riding the 96 cross town bus the other night and as I looked out at an empty central park I suddenly got the urge to write. I took out my iTouch (thanks for finally coming in handy for something other than music, mr.touch) and I started typing on the notepad. I kept writing and didn't read it until I was tucked in bed. I really like the picture it paints. Hope you like it also :)

"Cross Town Bus Through Apocalypse "

The bus takes me through central park and I see it burn.
Only I don't glance a second glance.
The land to dust the time has passed.
Across the floor spills the stories
of sad new yorkers and jogger by's.
Dog walkers yelled silent cries
out to empty space between the east and west sides
of the city that never sleeps.
In the window I say it to my face I look me in the eye.
I ask could I have helped? Would I have died?
I felt it coming as it grew near.
Did that shadow appear? The child with the tear
faint across the distance by the band shell
where we saw Nick cave song that song from me to you
Stars have their moment and then they die.
Now flesh and bone separated by rock and earth.
Delivered from the final draw
a palace falls. A kingdom crash
Empire of recoil and aftermath.
We wear the stench of death like a cashmiere sweater of the rack.
Belated realizations and deleterious reminders
cause actions controlled by feelings plagued by memories
of a time we once lived in.
Did we ever rule before?
To whom it may concern,
please watch over me.

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  1. you should really freewrite more. love it. that's all i ever do/did. or maybe the occasional lyrics taken with some freewritten stuff. real nice.