Thursday, December 24, 2009

Poem: "Bombs Bursting in Air"

I was fortunate enough to be in a gut wrenching, heartbreaking,soul stealing relationship at a tender young age. I was so incredibly in love that both him and I took the pain and kept going. Of course, it didn't end so well. It was too intense. Our love became a war. I saw it as every possible war that had occurred in history. It made me write this. I hated him. Now, I love him still as a person. I've grown. I know he has. We both still have a longs way to go though.... but this poem reminds of how defeated love can make you feel <3

Bombs Bursting in Air

Worn out.
You've weathered me thin
Tired of this endless fighting
There's no just cause for this raging war
No possibility of a victory strong enough
To outweigh the certainty of defeat
So I give up and I surrender
My arm could break if I stretched it any higher
With white flag in hand, What is left here to fight for?
Stuck here, exiled from that which I long to have
Long to be
You tell me
I don't care when in the end
Who's the one in the tiny corner,
In the dark and all alone?
Accompanied by murky puddles made from hours
Of crying out to you
Cursing the very air you breathe
Just breathing, sucking air right out of me
Exhaling that sweet breath that drew me to you
Sweet, sweet breath, not only reeking of your resentment
And I hear now your truths, only when you are on fire
With your sharpshooting words of hate and agitation
This false separation fools not even us
What more do you want
You've conquered my heart
Housed your soldiers in my temple
Build your empire on the weaklings of my soul
And now I am no more. I am worn out.
Unfit to flourish again, unable to rebuild myself
Fallen victim to the dead man's hope
Wanting to spend my life under your rule
My king, know this;
I've killed myself a thousand times over
And still, if given the chance
I'd do it all over again

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