Saturday, April 24, 2010

Publics Private Mini-stories (Issue 1)

So while waiting at best buy, I sat and started observing the people around me. There was a couple infront of me, browsing the movie section and I randomly started writing a make up story about them. I've decided that I'll do this as an ongoing thing. Perhaps connecting stories even. This is issue one:

"Best Buy Couple"
Clumsyly chasing him through the mall isles just passed the movie section, she instinctively hid behind the romantic comedies display and waited for him to drop his guard. He'd never think to look there. She stood and waited, peaking through the gap that separated 'the break up' and 'he's just not that into you', not realizing the irony of her position between the two. She watched him skim through the horrors and science fictions, eventually making his way to tv shows. He stopped at 'freaks and geeks' and she saw in his face the beat of nostalgia. See, this was there thing. They loved that show and always watched it together. He was her freak and she was his "geek". It wasn't the biggest of "things" but it was theirs. And for a fleeting moment, though it felt much longer than he would admit, he missed her. He missed the late nights of staying in and watching the show and the next days of quoting the most recent episode. And she watched this, the "fleeting moment" that proved to be all she needed to step out from the movie bushes. But she didn't. What would she say? He ended it for a reason after all, said they were "going in different directions" and that he hopes to "someday be friends again". She knew this was bullshit and was convinced there was someone else... Yet there she was, contemplating his fleeting moments, her very reason for following him here today. she looked at me with eyes seeking words of advice. I said nothing. All I could do was look down and tell the story to you. Before my eyes could meet hers again, they were both gone.