Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yay, someone's using my work!

So I'm always making art and posters and fliers and junk for random bands and FINALLY someone is using my hard work! Good lord! I created a flier for an August show featuring two amazing bands. 3 and Terrible Things. Both bands run by the awesome Eppard Bros, Joey and Josh, respectively.

First, some background info on the banda (Thank you facebook <3)

"3 is a band apart: Dark yet uplifting, spiritual without any connection to religion - theirs is a sound that transcends the genre conformity of modern pop culture. Rapid-fire acoustic guitar infused with dynamic percussion, animated drumming and thunderous bass culminate in a listening experience that is at once accessible and unique. Polyrhythms pulse within a symphony of driving metal guitars and melodic vocal acrobatics. 3 offers musicality without pretension." Read more here...

"New Universal Motown band Terrible Things may be hailed as rock all-stars – with ex-Taking Back Sunday vet Fred Mascherino, Coheed and Cambria alumnus Josh Eppard, and Hot Rod Circuit guitarist Andy Jackson forming the powerful triumvirate.

Appetites whetted for the splintering, pointed rock we’ve come to expect from each member of the reserved trio should prepare for added twists to their own reliable brand this time around". Read more here...

Now they have a show on August 8th and I can't wait. I have yet to see these bands live and I would love nothing more than to see the Eppard bros kick ass back to back to back. So you could imagine how excited I got when I was asked by the wonderful Miss Neesh (The First Lady of all things Eppard in my opinion) to design a flier for the show. I, of course, jumped at the idea, creating a few different ones, and this is the one that made the cut.

I was extra thrilled because the dame in the photo just so happens to be me :)
(see pink photo on right)

Just felt like sharing with me 18 followers the little bit of pride I just felt seeing my work being used <3
To check out the event go here

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