Friday, June 18, 2010

Must Have: Original "Amory Wars" pages by Chris Burnham

"The Amory Wars", as most of my followers know, is a science fiction story behind the music of alternative rock giants Coheed and Cambria. Written by Co&Ca front man, Claudio Sanchez, the story has been told primarily through comics published under Evil Ink Comics. (If you haven't checked out the comics or the story behind the music, I URGE you to now. It's amazing.)

The story of Amory Wars, is told throughout each of the band's 5 albums, usually along with some literature to correspond with each album's story. That is, with the exception of "NWFT", which, aside from fans' own interpretations ( found on Cobalt), still stands at a blur, story wise.
(When are we gonna hear about that one, guys?)

Their last album "Year of the Black Rainbow" was actually released as a full hardcover novel, telling the origin story of Coheed and Cambria, the two main characters for which the band is named.

The comics have not been around as long as the music, so obviously they are lagging behind. The first two volumes of The Amory Wars have been released in single issue and TPB form. THOSE coincide with the band's first album "Second Stage Turbine Blade". We are now up to the second batch of comics entitled "Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3", telling the story of the band's second album of the same name. I got the first issue covers A and B (Signed, thank you very much!)... and they are amazing. The writing and the art flow together so beautifully...


Chris Burnham is an amazing artist who worked on The Amory Wars as well as many other comics. His work is stunning and I'm a big fan to say the least. He has a bunch of his ORIGINAL AMORY WARS PAGES up for sale at and I MUST have one.

So to all my dear friends, allies and loves alike, my birthday is in 4 days. <3

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