Saturday, June 12, 2010

Story Challenge #1 "Plague of Hate"

Challenger: Joey Nova
Title: "Plague of Hate"
Word: callous

The community was nearing the realms of non existence.

Elder Lee Boyle made it clear that the sudden wave of deaths was more than unfortunate coincidences. He was certain that this was something sent from a higher power to punish their people. To kill off all those actively against what he called "The Deliverance."

"The Deliverance" he explained, was a daily sacrifice to be determined in the form of a lottery. An event that needed to take place in order for their people to reach a state of rich land and morals.

Unfortunately, nobody would believe, or admit, that their god was an angry boy who only wanted a single gift and, when denied, would take a greedy handful to compensate.

He sat in his little crevis in the settlement and spoke enchantments to the winds as those around him dropped like flies. With his callous fingers, he marked on his wall the names of the passing, and proclaimed all should follow his leading in order to avoid the wrath of god.

He cried the words "An agreed end of one, prevents untimely ends of many, the many perhaps, in the end, being more deserving of life than the one."

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