Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lyrics: "Blind Eye"

"Blind Eye"

Lost travelers of land
Find no destination,
if treading the sand's
Your mind's manifestation 
Of an escape unneeded 
From problems unheeded.
You should have stayed behind,
But you lied to us all. Cheated 
Yourself right from the start.
How could somebody so smart
Find a way to shed his logic. 
His body just falls apart.
Hiding behind ways of a loner 
Never did help.
Perhaps it was all of the
Personal shit you dealt
With on a day to day basis.
The constantly changing faces 
Of people once deemed 
Your true friends
All gone.
And you're left with loose ends.
Still, a blind eye's turned.
Against the one who's earned 
Your trust . No questions asked 
But now you're called out.
Your truths unmasked
If you leave this time, 
Let's bid farewell, goodbye
Warm welcomes won't exist.
Don't try to reach out.
You'll be dismissed.

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